Time to set up a custom sending domain for your Upscribe account!

Why use a custom sending domain?

A custom sending domain increases the deliverability rate of your emails and is much better for your brand (as emails will be coming from you instead of from an email address your customers may not recognize).

Setting up your custom sending domain

We've made it as easy as possible to set up a custom sending domain for your Upscribe account. But if you run into any issues at all. Please feel free to reach out via the chat bubble in the bottom right of the page 😊.

Register a domain (or use an existing one)

To set up your sending domain you'll need to register a domain (or use one that you've registered already). Once you have your domain. Navigate to the Sending Domain page in your account settings.

Add your domain in the Custom Sending Domain field and press Save.

Updating your DNS records

Upscribe will provide you with three DNS records that need to be added to your domain registrar (e.g. GoDaddy, Cloudflare, etc.).

Next, you'll need to add those three CNAME records to your DNS settings in your domain registrar.

If you're using Cloudflare...

You'll want to disable the Proxy Status so that it says DNS Only.

If you're using Namecheap...

It is necessary to remove the domain part from the host filed for each record to work properly.

For example, if you have the CNAME record for the following host:


It should be changed to:


The same logic should be applied for all the records for subdomains. The records for the root domain (e.g. upscribe.consulting) should have @ as a host.

Don't see your registrar? A quick Google search should give you what you need. Otherwise, please feel free to ask for help from our team via the chat bubble in the bottom right of this page!

Verify your domain and start sending!

After you've added the CNAME records to your registrar it may take up to a few hours for them to propagate and be verifiable by Upscribe. You can press the Verify button on your Sending Domain settings page to see if it they are ready.

Once Upscribe has verified those records with your registrar you'll be all set to start sending!

That's it!! Time to start sending!

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